Soda vs. sandblast

Soda blast vs. abrasive sandblast

While using abrasive sandblast one has to consider the messy process, creating scratches, abrasive and rough surfaces. We must carefully watch the sand not to touch the surfaces we do not want to clean. Otherwise the latter get damaged (due to abrasive process). Therefore the sandblast work preparation is longer and more time consuming (cars have to be taken into pieces or remove or cover the details that do not need cleaning). While using soda blast the soda jet may have direct contact with the mirrors, glass, gum, chrome etc. materials. Soda does not harm there surfaces.

The price of the abrasive sandblast may seem cheaper but one has to consider the preparatory and after works that the sandblast inevitably requires. In the removal or coverage of some details and later spackling which are inevitable to paint the cleaned surfaces. The same concerns when we need to remove plaster or graffiti. Using soda blast we can miss those stages. Another extra is to clean up the sand after you have finished. Outdoors there is no need while using soda blast.

The main bonus compared with sandblast is: soda does not damage cleaned surfaces. In case you need to clean mild, fragile or specific surfaces take soda blast ever. For cleaning robust steel items cheaper sandblast goes well either. But you can combine these two methods while cleaning the same item.

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