The use of Soda Blasting Technology is extremely wide.

It can be applied in innumerable areas and is especially effective as follows:

♦   Wood and log houses (new and old)

♦   Pre-restoration surfaces (facades, plaster removal)

♦   Paint ripping from different surfaces

♦   For cleaning automobiles for pre-painting preparations

♦   For cleaning ships, boats, launches and for pre-painting preparations

♦   For cleaning pavements and tiles

♦   For cleaning sculptures and monuments before the restoration

♦   For removing fire and heat damages, also sooth smoke, smell, mould and staling

♦   For removing graffiti

♦   For cleaning industrial food processing equipment

♦   For cleaning delicate and sensitive materials (stainless steel, glass, gum, marble etc.)

♦   For removal of pollutants and contaminants

This is only a brief overview of some of the most widely applied possibilities to encourage our clients to turn to us with whatever wishes. Before cleaning certain surface it is recommended to call us +372 50 20 311 or email ( and ask for advice.

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