It all started from a big chance in summer 2010. Andres had heard the word soda blasting and since Rauno and Andres were sitting at the computers they decided to learn about it in, the Net. Estonian explanations were given only by some dentists where the soda blasting was used. The question if it is really possible to find a service or a machine which really does not operate in Estonia yet became hot indeed. With their united effort the two friends discovered the suitable English translation to be soda blasting. The term opened many searchengines and lots of nice videos and exciting, already operating machines were to be found on every continent.

After a week the men were in Finland admiring an operating soda blaster which was ripping the plaster in the walls. It was followed by a half-day-long questions and answers round with the managing director of Sodapuhallus OY and the final decisions was: this is a worthwhile subject indeed!

After a while Kalle, who is an expert in the field of machines and equipment joined us. But we needed also Ivo’s help in legal matters otherwise the perspective could become brief. This way Ivo accompanied us.

After a couple of weeks all four travelled to Finland representing a company called SodaBlastBaltic OÜ and more serious negotiations started with all the necessary partners.

After two more weeks SodaBlastBaltic LLC (in Estonian OÜ) became the only representative of Soda Blast System LLC, Houston, USA, in Estonia and Latvia.

In September 2010 the only that powerful and mobile soda blaster landed in Estonia. The two-day-long training course took place in Estonian rain, nevertheless all the necessary soda blasting tricks were learnt.

For today the soda blaster has been used in 15 degrees negative, has cleaned an old Estonian style farm house’s soothed walls at Paduvere, removed salt from Columbia block and brick garden, shined up a lot of alloy wheels, rebuilt an old smoke-sauna into a nice children’s playhouse and there is a long list of jobs waiting for their turn.
The summary of SodaBlastBaltic LLC could be as follows: four friends made up a good thing – SodaBlastBaltic LC. But is only the start…

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